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Janrain Unveils Transparent One-Click Sharing

First-of-its-Kind Feature Puts Users in Control Over Frictionless Social Sharing to Facebook

Portland, OR – October 4, 2012 – Janrain, the leading provider of User Management solutions for the social web, today announced the availability of one-click sharing, the ability for consumers to contextually share activities from a brand’s website automatically or with a single click. Built using Facebook’s Open Graph technology, one-click sharing allows brands to dramatically increase exposure of website content within Facebook and drive referral traffic while addressing key privacy concerns Facebook users have expressed over automatic sharing from social readers. Janrain’s one-click sharing puts users in direct control of how they share stories and other content with transparent messaging, the option to turn auto-share on or off at any time, and a countdown timer for auto shares.

“Social readers are a step forward in allowing consumers to easily share interesting content from across the web, but unfortunately the current crop has seen a backlash from users who don’t always understand that they are giving a website access to post about their activity online to their Facebook wall,” said Larry Drebes, CEO of Janrain. “Our one-click sharing feature addresses those privacy concerns, putting the user in control of when and how they share stories, reviews, purchases, and other content.”

Consumers benefit with Janrain’s one-click sharing feature from a clear call to action; they can share one story or toggle auto sharing on or off at any point. If they chose to opt-in to auto sharing, each future story they read will feature a countdown timer before the content is automatically shared and users can choose not to push that story to Facebook during the countdown. Brands are able to control the length of the time delay through the widget’s configurable share bar.

Once a story has been shared to Facebook, any Facebook user who clicks on the link will be taken directly to that content. There are no authenticated referrals or interstitials that require a user to grant frictionless sharing permissions when they simply want to view the content. Janrain’s one-click sharing functionality solves the key challenges that have led to consumer dissatisfaction with social readers.

Janrain customers that have enabled one-click sharing features on their site to increase the volume and exposure of their content on Facebook are benefitting from offering a more contextual sharing experience for website visitors that puts them in control.

One-click sharing is the latest addition to the Janrain User Management Platform (JUMP), which comprises core products for social login and sharing, social profile data storage and utilization, registration and single sign-on. For more information, visit:


About Janrain

The Janrain Customer Identity and Access Management platform helps brands build a unified view of their customers across all devices by collecting accurate customer profile data to power personalized marketing. The proprietary platform encompasses social login, registration, customer profile data storage, customer segments, customer insights, single sign-on, and engagement. Janrain powers customer identity management for brands like Pfizer, Samsung, Whole Foods, Fox News, Philips, Marvel, and Dr Pepper. Founded in 2002, Janrain is based in Portland, Oregon, with offices in London, Paris, and the Silicon Valley in California. For more information, please visit and follow @janrain.