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Janrain’s Second Annual UK & EU Consumer Research Highlights Growing Demand For Better Online Experiences and Personalisation Enabled By Social Login

Webinar to present full research takes place on 4th June

Janrain, the provider of User Management solutions for the social web, has today published its second annual UK & EU consumer research, highlighting that 88% of consumers surveyed had encountered social login – the ability for consumers to use their social media identity to register and log in to a brand’s website – compared to 78% last year.

The research, which was based on a survey of more than 600 consumers, indicates that consumers are increasingly expecting a more personalised and relevant online experience, and see the potential of social login to enable that. 67% of consumers responded that they anticipate social login will help improve their online experience. The research also highlighted that 75% of respondents stated that personalisation is increasingly important to them compared with 64% last year who stated they were more likely to return to a website if the experience was personalised.

The research further uncovered that 71% of consumers found a company’s ability to suggest products based on their social information appealing, with 69% saying that they found the suggestion of topics, articles and products very useful when on a website.

Russell Loarridge, Managing Director Europe at Janrain, comments, “Our latest research highlights the increasing need for brands to engage and interact online with their consumer audience, as well as the pent up demand for a simple yet personalised online experience. The ability to be targeted with relevant information based on social information is one that is welcomed by most consumers. Brands need to be embracing this and making the most of their customers’ willingness to share that information.”

Other key research findings also include:

  • 3 in 4 consumers think companies who offer social login are more innovative
  • 81% of consumers have navigated to a site mentioned on a social network
  • 74% said they have considered buying based on a positive comment on a social network
  • 75% of consumers are more likely to return to a site that recognises them

In addition, another issue raised within the research is that of registration; filling out onerous online registration forms and remembering multiple variants of a username and password combination, continues to be a problem, with 84% of consumers admitting to having left a site in the past, instead of recovering login information.

Russell Loarridge, concludes, “The research is quite clear. Customers want a more relevant online experience; they want targeted, timely offers; they don’t want to have to remember a unique username/password combination for each site; and growing numbers actively want to share social information, especially if it will contribute to a better, easier online experience. For the retailers and publishers still searching for the holy grail of customer insight and the chance to undertake true one to one marketing, social login is the simplest, most obvious solution.”

Research webinar – Tuesday 4th June 2013 3:00pm GMT

For more information on the research and an analyst’s view on the statistics join Russell Loarridge, Managing Director Europe at Janrain and Paul Abel at Blue Research for a webinar on the 4th June 3pm. Register here.

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