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Phone-based Two-Factor Authentication Now Available for OpenID

PORTLAND, OR and OVERLAND PARK, KS (May 12, 2008) — JanRain and Positive Networks have developed a phone-based, two-factor authentication solution specifically designed to support users of myOpenID. myOpenID, the most popular independent OpenID provider, is a free, fully featured, and secure solution for users who want their own personal OpenID identity. The new secure authentication offering, CallVerifIDTM, is available immediately to all myOpenID users and is based on Positive Networks’ PhoneFactor service. PhoneFactor is the leading phone-based authentication service and does not rely on text/SMS messages, tokens, certificates or the installation of hardware.

OpenID is an open standard shared identity service, which enables users to log on to different web sites and applications using a single digital identity, eliminating the need to create and manage separate user names and passwords for each site. OpenID empowers users to control when, where, and how they share personal information.

“As the adoption and usage of OpenID accelerates across thousands of websites and applications, it is becoming increasingly important to provide multi-factor authentication options, said Brian Kissel, CEO of JanRain. “Adding CallVerifID powered by PhoneFactor to the myOpenID service provides users with the best two-factor authentication solution available.”

The new offering is based on the award-winning PhoneFactor technology and provides simple two-factor authentication and identity protection with far greater security than only using passwords. This phone-based authentication service can use any phone (mobile or landline) as a second authentication factor. The user enters a myOpenID username and password as usual, then simply answers an automated instant telephone call and presses “#”. This completes the authentication process. Complete two-factor authentication and identity protection is instantly enabled with no need for tokens, smart cards or certificates. CallVerifID is currently available for free to myOpenID users in the United States and many other countries, and as an additional service for business clients provisioning OpenIDs to both customers and employees.

“Adding strong authentication to OpenID must be simple, convenient and very secure if it is to work for most people. This rules out most traditional solutions like tokens, but is ideal for a phone-based solution like PhoneFactor, said Tim Sutton, CEO of Positive Networks. “We think that the marriage of OpenID and PhoneFactor will be the first really scalable multifactor solution”.

About JanRain

The Janrain Customer Identity and Access Management platform helps brands build a unified view of their customers across all devices by collecting accurate customer profile data to power personalized marketing. The proprietary platform encompasses social login, registration, customer profile data storage, customer segments, customer insights, single sign-on, and engagement. Janrain powers customer identity management for brands like Pfizer, Samsung, Whole Foods, Fox News, Philips, Marvel, and Dr Pepper. Founded in 2002, Janrain is based in Portland, Oregon, with offices in London, Paris, and the Silicon Valley in California. For more information, please visit and follow @janrain.

About Positive Networks

Positive Networks is a leading provider of security products and services, including the award-winning PhoneFactorTM two-factor authentication and identity protection service, and the PositivePROTM remote access service. Awards include: “Best-in-Class” Service Provider by Stratecast Partners, finalist for SC Magazine Excellence Award, AlwaysON AO100, Info Security Product Guide Product Excellence Award winner. For more information, please call 877-668-6536 or visit