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Research Reveals Consumers Increasingly Interested In Social Login To Alleviate Online Registration Headaches

90 Percent of Consumers Will Leave a Website If They Forget Their User Name and Password

Portland, OR, January 10, 2012 – Janrain today released findings from their second Social Identity study conducted by Blue Research, showing that consumer frustration at being asked to register on a website continues to grow and almost eight in ten people want social login to be offered as an alternative. Janrain commissioned Blue Research for the study, which was conducted among a nationwide cross section of more than 600 consumers. The research shows that marketers have a clear opportunity to increase conversion rates and online engagement by replacing traditional registration with social login. 86% of consumers are bothered by registering at a website and almost nine in ten will give false information or leave forms incomplete when creating a new account. Both of these results represent significant increases since the survey was first conducted in 2010.

The findings indicate that consumers increasingly believe social login, the ability to sign-in to a website using an existing online identity from providers like Facebook, Google and Twitter is a desirable alternative. More than three-quarters (77%) of respondents, up from two-thirds in 2010, think websites should offer social login, instead of requiring the creation of a new account through a traditional registration process. Consumer interest in social login also has a direct impact on brand affinity and purchase behavior, as fans of the service are more likely to both influence and be influenced by comments about a product or service from friends in their social graph.

Additional questions in the recent survey were designed to uncover consumer’s attitudes about personalization and the concept of sharing data in exchange for a better user experience.

“The findings of the survey show that social login continues to dramatically increase in favor among consumers as they realize the benefits of using an existing identity in order to bypass the traditional online registration process,” said Paul Abel, Ph.D., Managing Partner, Blue Research. ”Failing to offer social login is a missed opportunity for businesses to improve ROI of online properties, as fans of the service are more likely to register on the site, influence their friends through social networks and more likely to return to a site that offers them a personalized experience.”

Detailed findings include the following:

Resistance to Traditional Registration Processes

  • Four in five (86%) people are bothered by the need to create new accounts when registering on a website and will change their behavior as a result; this represents an increase of more than 10% over the 2010 findings
    • 54% may leave the site or not return
    • 26% go to a different site, if possible
    • 6% leave/avoid the site
    • 14% say they will complete the registration
  • 88% admit to having given incorrect information or left forms incomplete when creating a new account at a website, up from 76% in 2010.
  • 9 in 10 people (90% versus 45% in 2010) admit they have left a website if they forgot their password or log-in info, instead of answering security questions or re-setting their password.

Irrelevant Targeting by Brands

  • 100% of respondents reported receiving information or promotions from companies that are not relevant to them
  • Almost 3 in 4 (74%) have received conflicting messages across different marketing channels
  • Two-thirds (66%) have received an offer that clearly shows a company does not know who they are
  • Over half have received offers targeted to the wrong name, gender or age

Increased Brand Affinity in Fans of Social Login

  • 77% believe social login is a good solution that should be offered, an increase of over 10% from the year prior (66% in 2010). Among that population…
  • 78% of social login fans have posted a comment or message to their social networks about a product or service they liked or thought others should know about or purchase
  • 4 in 5 people (83%) say they are influenced to consider buying new products or services based on positive comments or messages from people in their social network
  • 69% say positive reviews may increase their likelihood to purchase a product or service
  • 82% seek out or avoid companies based on reviews from friends in their social graph

A copy of the full research is available on the Janrain website:


Custom designed online survey completed by 619 respondents. Respondents were carefully screened to ensure each is social media active and has purchased a product or service online and/or read articles or watched videos online from major media outlets in the past 30 days. Respondents were recruited via email from a nationally representative panel and given a one-time password protected access to the survey. The questionnaire was composed primarily of close-ended questions; median time to complete the survey was approximately 12 minutes. Quality controls were in place to remove ‘speedsters’ and ‘flat-liners’ from data analysis. As a result three data points were eliminated for a sample size of 616. The data collection period was October 3 through October 9, 2011. Blue Research ( designed the survey, managed the data collection process, conducted the analysis and created the research report.

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Blue Research provides proprietary information businesses use to better understand their markets, develop compelling products and services as well as capture and maintain market share . Blue uses state-of-the-art market research techniques to create reports that drive action throughout the organization. Blue Research specializes in technology markets worldwide and is a preferred market research consultancy for some of the largest technology brands and upcoming innovators. For more information, to review testimonials or case studies, please visit Paul Abel, Ph.D. can be contacted at or 1-888-780-BLUE.