Driving participation and building communities around your content

Marketers worldwide are faced with the ever-growing challenge of how to create immersive user engagement designed to increase time spent across all their digital properties.

Relevant, real-time quality content is required for driving engagement, but users are no longer happy to just passively consume content. Instead, users want to be active participants in the storytelling, interact with the content, and express and share their opinions about the content.


Adding commenting to your sites helps spark these interactive real-time conversations, drive customer acquisition, and make it easy for consumers to engage with your sites’ content and share it with their friends.

In addition, users who comment on your content are more likely to provide deeper insights about themselves, especially given the opportunity to comment on specific topics. By surfacing this authentic user-generated content, you provide more information to your online community, which in turn drives content and product discovery and increases conversion rates.

Main Features

Real-Time Interactive Comments

Let users post and reply to comments on your articles, blogs, video and other content on your sites. Users can see comments in real-time with auto-refresh. Seamless sharing of comments back on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter drives virality. Interactive comments drive engagement and time spent and helps you build a community of loyal users around your content.

Comments Moderation

Leverage powerful moderation capabilities, including built-in spam detection, to ensure that comments posted on your sites are consistent with your brand guidelines. You have the capability to post-moderate or pre-moderate comments by using the Commenting dashboard, or to utilize the Community flagging option.

Comments Filtering

Control the comments that users post on your digital properties utilizing automated filtering rules, such as language filters, in the Commenting dashboard.

Commenting APIs

Utilize comprehensive activity streams -based APIs to retrieve and submit comments in real time. Leverage the APIs to power custom use cases, such as forums.

Mobile Integration

Leverage responsive visualizations and APIs for seamless integration of real-time commenting with web and mobile.

User Identify Integration

Leverage off-the-shelf integration with Janrain Identity Management product suite to drive onsite registrations. Users can sign in to post comments by using their social login, your site login, or anonymous guest login on specific sites or campaigns where guest commenting is more applicable. Integration with third-party identity products is available.


The Commenting product provides off-the-shelf JavaScript modules with customizable visualizations that share the following capabilities.

Ease of use with quick time to market

  • With a few lines of JavaScript and HTML you can quickly and easily power customized white-label commenting experiences across your digital properties.

Customizable commenting streams

  • Utilize CSS to control the colors, fonts, and other styles of your comments to match the look and feel of your brand.

Comments Module

comments_module-300x218Users can post comments on articles, blogs, video and other content on your sites and mobile apps. The comments module provides all of the features described above. Comments can be visualized either as a news feed or using various forms of grid visualization.

comments_module2-300x253The comments module provides you with the ability to enable the commenter profile of individual commenters in the comment streams. The commenter profile visualizes the commenting history of the commenter along with the commenter’s public profile details maintained by the Janrain Identity Management product suite.

User Activity Module

Provides you with a module that can be integrated into any page on your sites or mobile apps to visualize the commenting history of a user.

Customer Identity Platform

When the Janrain Commenting product is used in conjunction with the Customer Identify Management platform, you gain access to a powerful toolset for creating engagement on your sites and turning site visitors into communities of loyal users over time. The Janrain Customer Identity Management Platform makes it easy for you to acquire and recognize customers across all devices, and collect the accurate customer profile data you need to power more personalized marketing.

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