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Janrain respects your privacy and will treat the personal data you choose to share with us in accordance with our privacy policy.

Customer Profile Directory

Automatically collect, store and manage demographic, psychographic and behavioral customer profile data in a flexible cloud 
solution. The Janrain Identity Cloud® provides a powerful and secure customer profile database that gives you the tools you 
need to access and manage your data. The solution makes it easy to integrate customer data with the marketing applications 
you already use and scales to accommodate high volumes.

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Registration screen shows unlimited customer profile field storage in Janrain customer directory database

Unlimited profile field storage

Automatically store social profile data collected via social login along with data collected from traditional registration and any custom fields you choose to define. Janrain provides a flexible database schema that can accommodate traditional demographics and richer psychographics, behaviors and social graph data.

Diagram illustrates Janrain’s ability to segment and synchronize customer profile data with all your marketing applications

Data segmentation and integration with marketing applications

The Janrain Identity Cloud enables marketing teams to create relevant customer experiences with our predefined marketing segments. Our API-driven architecture allows you to easily synchronize customer profile data between all your marketing applications - including email, CMS, and data management platforms.

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With each login the Janrain directory retrieves a fresh set of customer profile data to update customer records.

Automatic customer record updates

Automatically retrieve a fresh set of profile data each time your customers sign in, synch with social identities and continuously keep the information you’re storing about your customers up to date.

Legacy customer data is imported into the customer profile database to provide a unified customer record.

Legacy customer data imports

Efficiently import legacy customer data from an existing database to retain historical intelligence about your customers. Build a unified view of your customer by combining demographics, psychographics, behavioral and transaction data into a single database.

Illustrates the data security and scoped access measures that protect your customer profile database in the cloud.

Data security and scoped access

Since its founding, Janrain has been a leader in authenticating individuals and securing their digital identities. The Janrain Identity Cloud fully encrypts data at rest and data in motion to ensure security in case of a breach. By managing which aspects of personally identifiable information (PII) are available to different roles in an organization, Janrain provides an additional safeguard. Employees have access to only the information they need.

About the Janrain Identity Cloud

The first choice of global enterprises for mission-critical customer identity and access management (CIAM) needs, the Janrain Identity Cloud provides real-time identity management, security, and activation capabilities that enable seamless and safe customer experiences – while providing your organization with deep customer insights.

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Customer identity access management
Customer identity access management

Your customer identity and access management solution holds your most valuable data. The Janrain Identity Cloud is recognized as the most secure CIAM solution available. Our unrivaled security protocols ensure the safety of your customers and your brand.

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