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Consumer Electronics Case Study

Listening to Customer’s Needs Leads to Success

It pays to listen to your customer’s needs—both in meeting your business’ bottom line, as well as making sure your customers are on a path to becoming loyal advocates. One global consumer Brand, specializing in the manufacture or consumer electronics and musical instruments, prides itself in not only its deep commitment to enriching the culture with superior sound and music, but also its relentless focus on customer satisfaction. When their customers spoke—they listened—and ultimately made their Brand website a useful destination that helps inspire and educated musicians across the world.

When Customers Speak, This Brand Listens. And Acts.

In addition to learning about the Brand’s great products or finding a local dealer, customers can go to their website to get product manuals and other helpful downloads. When the brand team initially transitioned these resources to a digital format on their website, their goal was to make it easier for their customers to access these documents rather than searching for them through closets and drawers. One of the managers in the Brand’s Customer Experience Group, along with his team, took on the task of organizing the resources in a customer-only area behind a registration process called EasyPass that allowed product owners to access, find and download what they needed as seamlessly and easily as possible.

Social login gives us an easier way to get in, and get going. The results prove that we gave them what they want.

Brand Customer Experience Manager

Given the Brand’s dedication and passion for supporting musicians, “the entire team was disappointed with the initial feedback that we received from our audience…that EasyPass was anything but easy. My team and I took this to heart,” the manager disclosed. Customers told the team that the process of signing in was ultimately seen as an obstacle.

Many abandoned the registration process. Those that persisted through quickly left the site after downloading their manual, skipping over product and company news, promotional offers and additional educational opportunities the company provides.

With this input in hand, the Customer Experience Group quickly decided to remedy the situation. “Our primary goal was to dramatically improve the customer journey to and through this resource area,” the team’s manager stated. Given the Brand’s dedication to providing a superior experience on their website, the team searched for and evaluated a number of promising solutions to remove the registration obstacle customers spoke of, and ultimately decided that implementing social login on their site was the best course of action to significantly improve the customer experience.

The group manager was also intrigued with an additional benefit of Janrain’s Customer Identity Management Platform: customer permission to access social profile data that could be utilized to better understand the Brand’s customers. The manager and his entire team had a strong interest in knowing more about their customers beyond an email address in order to provide them with more relevant and personalized experiences that social profile data would allow. “We know that people’s behaviors and preferences are different from claimed interests that they may share in a survey or registration form. We want to know our customers on a personal level,” the team manager said.

The Brand’s marketing team immediately saw value in building rich profiles for individual customers that would enable them to get closer to the dream of 1:1 marketing where they could communicate in a timely and relevant manner. Most people build their Facebook, Google, Twitter and other social profiles with authentic details like their music interests, activities they enjoy and products they like enough to share. Combining social profile data with website activity and behavioral data would allow the brand to know more about their customers than they had previously imagine possible.

Results That Speak for Themselves

Within months of implementing Janrain social login on the Brand’s site, the analytics team reported success. By listening to customers voice frustration around the previous registration process, this Brand has achieved significant improvements on key performance indicators across the board. “Even though we had really high expectations, we’ve achieved everything we hoped for and more. The anticipated impact from implementing social login has been there,” the Customer Experience Group manager said. With 70% of site visitors choosing Social Login, the Brand had actionable data within months to achieve their goals around personalized and timely communications.

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