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Curated Social Hubs Case Study

Bringing Social Engagement to the Toronto International Film Festival

The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has become the world’s biggest annual film festival attracting top films, talent, and a global film fan following.

During the annual ten-day event film production companies showcase their best films, while local and global film fans are doing their best to keep up with all the news and social events around TIFF.

To keep fans engaged and informed around TIFF, Grolsch, a leading Dutch beer company and inaugural sponsor of the 2012 festival, launched The Grid Does TIFF site as the event-coverage platform for fans.

The site provided fans a single destination and social hub powered by Janrain Engagement Platform to interact with all the social web content and conversation around the festival, including film reviews, celebrity news, tips on Toronto’s hot spots, contests, and much more.

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Innovative Technology Solution

The site’s cutting-edge technology solution and its unique, real-time interactive social experiences provided a perfect platform for Grolsch to showcase itself as a leading social brand embracing social interaction with fans around a leading entertainment event.

Social Engagement Platform

The site’s real-time content from the latest film news and reviews to celebrity sightings was constantly evolving. The content was organized into designated pages to ensure that fans were always able to locate the real-time content that was most relevant to them.

Grolsch’s social stream had a designated page called “Choose Interesting, By Grolsch,” with a Twitter hashtag of #TIFFinteresting. Social stream from Grolsch’s designated page “Choose Interesting, By Grolsch” The other designated pages were for ‘Films,’ ‘Hot Spots,’ ‘Celebs,’ and ‘Contests,’ with #TIFFfilm, #TIFFhotspots, and #TIFFcelebs as their corresponding hashtags.

The site had original content from about 90 bloggers, including writers, media personalities, and celebrities, in addition to curated user- generated site and social web content provided by global film fans themselves.

The site’s editorial team used the Janrain Engagement Platform to extend real-time curated streams to the site from blogs and the social web, including Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, and rich multimedia content, such as videos and Instagram photos.

The editorial team actively curated and moderated the streams to ensure that only the most relevant, highest quality content was delivered for fan engagement and interaction.

Fans were able to start engaging with all the content after logging in using their preferred social login. When they shared their comments made on the site with friends on Facebook and Twitter, they were driving new fans back to the site.


The Grid Does TIFF site provided coverage for 65 films and gave global fans a designated social hub for all the real-time social interaction around TIFF. The site enjoyed an average engagement of six minutes time spent by visitors.

Repeat visits increased by 30% and mobile traffic by 100% within two weeks of the site’s launch.

The site’s content was highly optimized for viewing on mobile devices and provided an ideal platform for mobile-centric experiences. Because the experience was mobile-optimized, mobile traffic doubled within two weeks of the site’s launch.

“The program was a unique, creative way to serve both fans of the festival and Grolsch,” said Laas Turnbull, publisher and editor-in-chief of The Grid. “By pulling only relevant content into the streams, we were able to create an editorial environment that was deeply immersive.”

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