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Interscope Records Case Study

Interscope Records vetted options and decided to deploy Janrain across more than 100 individual artist websites to support fan registration and engagement. For fans arriving at one of these sites, the journey starts with the simple act of signing in, and social login makes that incredibly easy.

The Music Fan Experience

When fans arrive at the Phillip Phillips website, for example, they’re greeted with an opportunity to sign in with a social profile. This initiates a new relationship. When a social profile, like Facebook for example, is selected, Interscope is given permission to access social profile data like interests, activities and friends so that they can better understand their fans.

The Music Fan Experience

With this rich profile data, the fan’s experience can be improved and personalized. Commenting, sharing and engagement is easy. And new music discovery becomes easier, Interscope can suggest new artists or genres that appeal to other fans with similar profiles. And because Interscope has deployed Janrain technology across their artists, if a visitor chooses to visit more than one artist, she isn’t required to log in at each site, as her identity travels with her across the Interscope artist sites.

Getting to Know You

Providing social login was just the first step Interscope took to initiate fan relationships and jumpstart engagement. As noted above, when a fan chooses to use social login, Interscope can get permission-based access to their social profile. This data can then be utilized in improving personalization and the fan’s experience, but is only actionable when stored the right way.

With Janrain’s hosted database, Interscope merged all of their fan records from multiple sites and systems into one central database, and builds on top of these as they request permission to access new information. This fan knowledge is used to improve artist communications like concert announcements in their hometown, merchandise availability or multi-artist promotions.

Improving the Fan Experience Across Technologies

Lee and Interscope Records are at the forefront in terms of offering innovative, cutting edge ways to improve the way fans can interact with their favorite artist. As such, they are constantly implementing new technologies that facilitate these interactions. However, all of these technologies require a fan to identify himself initially – after all, how believable is a review from an anonymous poster, or a leader board without discernable names? But requiring the fan to login to each of these different engagement applications would degrade the experience and could lead to site abandonment.

This desired experience led Interscope to adopt the Backplane Protocol, a standard co-developed by Janrain to enable interoperability between different web technologies by serving as the central hub that communicates identity information across applications. Put simply, the Backplane Protocol enables someone to log in to one application and automatically be recognized by all other apps that support the protocol. Thus, chatting, commenting, rating videos, sharing content and earning loyalty rewards can all be done with one simple login.

Results That Get A Standing Ovation

Leveraging Janrain and the Backplane Protocol has led to the following important achievements for Universal Music Group:

  • Registration Conversion Rate Increase: A key metric of success for Interscope is growth in their registration rates, which increased 10 – 50%, depending on the artist site, which was a clear indication that they had removed obstacles to signing in.
  • Enhanced Fan Experience: An improved experience for fans who log in once to access to all Interescope artist websites, and engage across all engagement technologies.
  • Development Resource Efficiencies: A single integration point that offers a growing number of social networks and providers makes it easy for Interscope developers to ensure their APIs are current and have time to focus on other projects.
  • Turnkey Process for Adding New Vendors: The Backplane Protocol offers a repeatable process for integrating third-party technologies into the Interscope ecosystem.

Through its integration of Janrain, Interscope Geffen A&M Records is breaking down barriers to fan and artist engagement by making registration and community participation easy and fun. At the same time, they’ve achieved efficiencies across their marketing and technical teams that allow them to focus on their core competencies and objectives.

“Every artist wants to know who their fans are and provide a more personalized experience for them on their website. Social profile data that is actionable allows us to impact each visit like never before.” — Lee Hammond

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