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RoadRunner Records Case Study

Connecting With Music Fans

Roadrunner Records is committed to promoting the heavy metal and rock bands on their label to get their music heard by a growing audience. As the music industry has been disrupted by the likes of Napster, iPod, Pandora and others, Roadrunner Records has evolved to leverage new technologies to support their artists, and give fans more of what they want.

Jeremy Rosen, Director of Web Properties for Roadrunner Records had those very goals in mind when exploring enhancements to their website:

“We’re always looking to determine what our audience wants more of so we can provide it to them. Growing artist awareness, interest and engagement all comes down to providing the right content that people are going to connect with.”

When considering different technologies, Jeremy had the following goals in mind:

  • Increase engagement between the audience and artist content
  • Grow traffic to the site in order to promote artists and their work

One challenge was gathering information to determine what types of content is most desired, and then bringing the right tools together to spark engagement. When Jeremy learned about Janrain’s social login and sharing solutions, his immediate reaction was: “This is rad. We need this on our site.”

Making It Easy for Music Fans to Engage

The Roadrunner Records website has long offered artist news, music, tour dates, videos and release information, so finding interesting content was easy to do. To reach their engagement and traffic growth goals and better understand the content desires of music fans, Roadrunner Records integrated Janrain social login and social sharing functionality throughout their site.

easy for music fans to engage

To increase site registrations, Roadrunner Records suggests fans use social login – the ability to use an existing identity from Facebook, Google, AOL, Twitter or Yahoo! to sign in rather than fill out a long form. A few clicks later, and fans are ready to comment, share and engage throughout the site.

Roadrunner Records encourages site visitors to share what they like to their social networks to foster discovery, engagement and conversations. Social sharing is easy with Janrain’s functionality that sends a broadcast post to social networks, or targeted messages to select friends and contacts from Facebook, Twitter or email.

Once you’re logged in, it’s really easy to share. Just one click to share to Facebook or Twitter, or with email contacts.—Jeremy Rosen

Amplify Content Reach Though Social Networks

Site visitors immediately utilized the new social sharing feature by sending interesting content to their social networks. Within a few weeks, Roadrunner Records was able to identify interesting trends that validated their decision to implement Janrain solutions: content is primarily shared to Facebook, while social referral traffic is coming from Twitter.

On average, each post shared returns 26 referral visits back to the Roadrunner Records website. Many days, Twitter posts return more than 50 visits back to the site. This aligns with Google Analytics reporting a 35% increase in overall referral traffic to their site from Twitter.

Turn Up the Volume on Engagement

By enabling visitors to easily share content to their Facebook Timeline, Roadrunner Records amplifies awareness of their artists across the open graph. Each post is optimized to include exactly the assets, title and description Roadrunners Records knows will tell the story best.

Each story published to Facebook by site visitors reaches an average of 105 friends, primarily through their Newsfeed. And 81% of these posts represent a friend who has yet to engage with the Roadrunner Records site.

Beyond awareness, content shared to Facebook is resulting in high levels of engagement within a relevant audience, with each story shared enjoying an average of 50 pieces of feedback (a Like or Comment):

turn up the volume

  • 39.4% of audience shared stories are Liked
  • 6.9% of audience shared stories are commented on
  • 43% of audience shared stories are clicked on (which take them to the content at Roadrunner Record’s site)

A Standing Ovation

Roadrunner Records artists are reaping the benefits of online engagement and awareness as a result of integrating the right technology into their site to make it easy for fans to share music and content with friends.

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