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Slate Increases Registrations More Than 30% by Improving User Experience

Slate Increases Registrations

See how leading online magazine Slate used Janrain to boost customer engagement

One of the world’s first digital magazines, Slate, provides incisive commentary and analysis about news, politics, culture, technology, business and more. Slate’s unique brand of journalism attracts new visitors each month – and keeps them coming back. Many of Slate’s most loyal readers engage with each other as commenters and become Slate site members. These avid Slate visitors connect to the site across various devices, and they want a consistent login experience no matter how they visit. Thanks to the Janrain Social Login and Registration platform, Slate users enjoy a login experience that matches the quality of the magazine’s content.

“We wanted an easy-to-deploy solution that covered desktop, mobile and in-app logins across social logins … We saw improved insight into customer identities and journeys as critical to successfully growing our membership program and newsletter subscriptions.” Heidi Strom Moon, Slate Product Manager

Business Challenges

Prior to using Janrain, Slate relied on an in-house legacy solution. However, that software’s social login capabilities left much to be desired, as users routinely ran into error messages when they attempted to access their account from different social network handles. Slate needed a more sophisticated identity management tool that could effortlessly connect the actual person to the proper account.

As Slate’s membership and the ways people wanted to sign in expanded, Slate wanted a solution that would deliver a more consistent and streamlined login experience to increase sign-ups and users’ engagement with content and other site features. The Slate team also sought a way to access a breadth of user-journey data that they could mine in their efforts to increase memberships and newsletter signups.


The Slate team quickly narrowed the selection process to two options: Janrain and another vendor. Each offered the needed functionality, but as the Engineering team looked more deeply into both options, Janrain stood out as a solution that could be implemented almost entirely with existing in-house expertise. Deployment of the other option would require outside consultants, as well as a higher ongoing investment of resources.

After choosing Janrain, the implementation proceeded quickly and smoothly. The benefits for Slate visitors were immediately evident: Users can log in through different social platforms—all with one unique user ID – and, if they choose, can even add secondary social accounts to a primary login.

That streamlined signup and login process has removed barriers to user registration, encouraging site visitors to engage with the magazine and its community on both a deeper level and a more consistent basis. As a direct result of working with Janrain, Slate has seen a 33 percent increase in its number of registered users, speaking to the effectiveness of social login and other identity management solutions.

Furthermore, Slate has access to richer, more up-to-date user data to enhance its engagement campaigns. That deeper insight into customer identities and user personas has enabled the media company to create more targeted outreach strategies, growing its membership program as well as the number of newsletter subscriptions.

What’s next

Slate officials plan to continue building on the momentum they have created working with Janrain. Having seen the direct impact that a better, more streamlined signup process has on user registration, they expect that trend to continue for the foreseeable future. With faster and easier workflows in place, the digital magazine’s registration numbers will keep climbing, building on the initial 33 percent increase.

Thanks to the deeper level of insight Janrain’s customer identity and access management solution provides, Slate can create more targeted personas, helping to expand its membership program and establish stronger relationships with returning site visitors.

To learn more about Slate’s successful partnership with Janrain, and hear how a comprehensive CIAM solution can drive user engagement to the next level, be sure to read the full case study here.

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