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Warner Music Nashville Case Study




Warner Music Nashville (WMN) launched in 2013 as a one-stop social destination site for country music fans everywhere. Fans visiting the site can interact with all the real-time curated social web and onsite content around WMN artists, enjoy live interactive concert performances by WMN artists, and discover new WMN music and artists to follow.

The site’s responsive layout is designed for optimal content viewing across multiple devices, platforms, and browsers.

warner music nashville case study

Innovative Technology Solution

Janrain Engagement Platform is powering the site’s many features, including its curated real-time social interaction and innovative visualizations. The following sections highlight the key features of WMN’s social hub.

Real-Time Trending

The site’s “buzz meter” gives fans a real-time snapshot of the trending WMN artists on the social web.

Fans now have a place where they can discover new WMN artists and music to follow. They are always in the know about WMN artists’ real-time trending rankings and first to learn about any spikes in the social buzz about them.

Real-Time Curated Multimedia Content

The site’s mixed-media layout is displayed in Pinterest-style visualization.

The site’s “Social Feed” displays for fan interaction real-time curated multimedia content from across the social web, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram.

Fan engagement is increased with real-time visualization of the highest quality and most relevant multimedia social web content and conversation around WMN artists.

Real-Time Engagement and Interaction

Fans can start interacting with the site’s curated real-time multimedia streams by using their social login.

They can read and post comments and likes, and share their comments, @replies, and retweets back on the social web.

Janrain Engagement Platform tools gives the artist profile pages a pulse, providing fans with the place for interacting with all the social content and conversation around their favorite artists.

Now, when fans visit the site, they can read breaking news about Blake Shelton, watch Charlie Worsham’s live concert stream, and discover their new favorite artist Jana Kramer, all on the same site, and within a few minutes.

Jeremy Holley

Vice President, Consumer & Interactive Marketing, WMN

Responsive Site Layout

warner music nashville case study iphone

The site’s responsive layout is designed for optimal content viewing across multiple devices, platforms, and browsers.

The Pinterest-style view adjusts in a responsive manner on mobile devices with smaller screen sizes, such as smartphones and tablets.

Fans now have an easy and convenient way to interact with their favorite WMN artists, their music, and all the real-time social web content and conversation around the artists, when and where convenient for them.


Since the launch of, WMN has seen significant growth in the traffic and social interaction on the site.

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