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Customer Insights

Enterprise business analyst gazes at screen showing Janrain Customer Insights tool with advanced customer data analytics.

The next generation of customer data analytics

Obtaining and managing customer profiles is only part of the equation when it comes to turning customer data into true business value. Janrain Customer Insights enable you to convert your data into relevant knowledge and intelligence that help your enterprise succeed. Powerful reporting, analytics and visualization tools let you transform vast amounts of customer data into digestible and actionable information. Customer Insights is the component of the Janrain Identity Cloud® that enables you to put your customer identity data to work.

The value of the profile data that is linked to customer identities has grown dramatically over the past decade and is one of the most crucial success factors for companies today. Customer profile data forms the foundation understanding and predicting consumer behavior and customer journeys from very first contact to purchase decisions and long-term brand loyalty.

Let data fuel your action

Get a 360-degree omnichannel view of the customer journey

Get a comprehensive data-driven look at your customers across web, mobile, and IoT. Understand trends such as demographics, regional distribution, behavior or preferences. Reveal what matters, recognize patterns, and anticipate customer needs so you can optimize customer experience for mutual benefit.

Protect and monitor your identity data and systems

Get real-time reports and dashboards of the health, usage, and performance status of the Janrain Identity Cloud. Identify abnormal or malicious trends in activity and detect and prevent fraud attempts and attacks. Receive real-time alerts and share event data with your intrusion detection and monitoring systems, or your log management and SIEM platforms.

Segment audiences and predict customer journeys

Identify factors impacting customer attrition across all your channels and regions and improve visitor engagement and conversion rates throughout all stages of the customer journey. Dashboards built for marketers let you segment audiences based on profile attributes and provide insights into the demographic and psychographic makeup of your consumers.

Janrain Customer Insights screen shows demographic customer data analytics

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