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Janrain Drupal Module

The Janrain Drupal Module package easily and seamlessly integrates all elements of the Janrain’s Social Login and Registration solutions into your Drupal CMS. The package leverages common Drupal concepts and tools, to make installation and management of Janrain interfaces simple for anyone who works with Drupal.

Janrain’s user interface elements can be configured within the site using Drupal Blocks. The module also leverages Drupal Rules to facilitate data mapping and initiate actions based on Janrain profile update events. This allows marketers to pass registration and login data into Drupal, so that onsite personalization and content customization can be delivered through Drupal Rules.


Janrain Core

Core Janrain services module.

Janrain Admin UI

Module enabling the Janrain administrative UI to set up Drupal site configuration.

Janrain Data

Module enabling the mapping of customer profile data from Janrain to Drupal using Drupal Rules.

Janrain Example

Simple reference implementation of the Janrain integration. Optionally installs basic Janrain Social Login and/or Registration UI components on the Drupal site.

Janrain Social Sharing

Module enabling Janrain Social Sharing to be integrated in a Drupal site. Supports Janrain Social Sharing v3.0.

Janrain User Interface

Module enabling the management of Janrain user interface (widgets) for placement within the Drupal site.

The Janrain Drupal Module package also features an Information Tab which provides the site installer and builder access to Janrain configuration information to assist with troubleshooting.

This data sheet refers to the 3.0 version of the Janrain Drupal Module package.

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