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Janrain Identity Central®

Janrain Identity Central OIDC CIAM SaaS Solution

We know first-hand how challenging it can be to deploy user-friendly, regulation-compliant Customer Identity and Access Management into complex consumer applications—Janrain’s been helping our clients navigate this challenge for almost 20 years. When we looked at ways to improve global brands’ CIAM options, our goal was clear: to make the best-in-breed seamless and secure experiences for end-users easy to implement for application developers.

Janrain Identity Central achieves this goal with comprehensive, cloud-delivered customer registration, authentication, single sign-on, preference and consent management. Instead of spending weeks or months developing web or mobile app on-boarding forms and flows, brands can deliver user experiences that are regulatory-compliant in just minutes—all while taking advantage of the unsurpassed security, availability and scalability of the Janrain Identity Cloud®.

Easy, cloud-native consumer experiences

  • From our decades of experience, Janrain has defined best practices for consumer registration and ongoing login engagement.
  • Identity Central delivers these best practices as part of an OIDC-enabled suite of SaaS identity applications to create seamless experiences for all brands’ B2C and B2B use cases.
  • Identity Central delivers the regulatory-compliant consumer consent management, customer self-service options and data privacy controls global brands need.

Developer-friendly deployments

  • With Identity Central, developers can add Janrain’s full suite of centralized enterprise-grade identity applications to web, mobile, and IoT applications in just minutes.
  • New identity features can be deployed, managed, and audited centrally without any application code changes.
  • Janrain’s API-first, component-based architecture supports rapid development with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).
  • Certified client libraries for the top programming languages—add a button and a library and go!

Mission-critical CIAM

  • Janrain Identity Central brings the ability to scale the deployment of new applications, with cloud- based customer registration, login, SSO and profile management.
  • Support fast roll-outs to hundreds of millions of consumers and billions of things in minutes.
  • Janrain’s cloud-native architecture is engineered to flex and grow to accommodate any demand while providing industry leading performance and availability.
  • Our global cloud footprint of 42 availability zones in 16 geographical regions gives worldwide brands and their customers the availability and customization options they require (including China and Russia).

Best-in-breed identity data security

  • Centrally managed policy administration and enforcement of user authentication and access policies, including consented data access by downstream APIs and services.
  • Consistent, interoperable, and secure core capabilities built on the latest open industry standard—OpenID Connect.
  • Internal fraud scoring for security against fraudulent account creation and credential compromise.
  • All personal identity data protected by Janrain’s Secure Edge—Akamai-powered, advanced edge protection against external, programmatic threats.

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