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Janrain Identity Groups

Janrain Identity Groups

Janrain Identity Groups enable device and account owners to share assets and create private groups around them by linking multiple profiles together. Brands and individual customers can segment accounts tied to specific products, subscriptions, devices and other “things” into several profiles. With Janrain Identity Groups — an add-on to the Janrain Identity Cloud® — account owners can quickly grant, manage and revoke access rights for family members, service providers and other trusted third parties to objects, accounts and devices.

Applications for smart devices are burgeoning – from connected homes and cars, to smart patient monitoring, security devices, wearables, to connected pet products – and with that growth come new challenges for companies whose business models involve professionals as well as consumers. Over its lifetime a single smart home device may need to be securely accessed by the manufacturer, the installer, the initial purchaser, their family, repairmen, and future residents of the home. A seamless and secure approach to identifying, authenticating and managing users is an essential part of creating a market-leading customer experience. The user-specific data garnered through Janrain Identity Groups allows for more tailored content provision and more accurate marketing and business intelligence data. 

Janrain Identity Cloud use cases

Smart homes:

Homeowners, children, technicians and customer service representatives need different permissions that reflect their interaction with a home alarm system. Kids might not have the ability to turn the system off at night, while repairmen and neighbors could be granted temporary access.

Smart pet products:

Pet owners create a universal identity for their dog, then allow access to the veterinarian, family members or the dog sitter across multiple portals based on their needs and responsibilities.

Medical devices:

Medical equipment containing sensitive patient data can be federated so that doctors are granted full access, nurses are enabled to administer care only, healthcare providers are limited to a view of account and billing information and manufacturers can solely deliver upgrades and maintenance.

Content subscriptions:

Media companies and publishers can allows registered users to create multiple “family member” accounts - giving companies a clearer picture of who is accessing content for more accurate business intelligence and more personalized customer experiences.

Managing a multitude of identities

The Internet of Things connects businesses that manufacture devices, their customers and the devices themselves. Each component – manufacturer, consumer, device – has its own set of identifying characteristics. Understanding and managing these identities is central to maximizing the value of the Internet of Things.

The Janrain Identity Cloud’s add-ons allow centralized identity management for the Internet of Things.

Through a rich series of APIs, our solution enables:

  • Implementation of centrally-governed, token-driven access controls and progressive profiling
  • Delegated administration and access management for IoT devices and active ecosystem management
  • Integrations with CRM, marketing automation and gamification platforms and business intelligence systems
  • Consumer control of device access and the ability to configure access hierarchies
  • Universal device identification across marketing, development and support stacks

The scalability IoT requires

One of the key differentiators between traditional enterprise identity management and customer identity and access management is scale – managing identity for millions of customers is a different task than managing the identity of a few thousand employees. With connected devices, subscriptions and apps, the identity management challenges – and the attendant system demands – expand exponentially.

With more than a decade of experience building global, enterprise-grade identity solutions, scalability and privacy are our DNA. Through our global network of data centers, Janrain offers the largest data footprint of any CIAM provider. Our architecture is designed to readily accommodate spikes in demand without service degradation. Janrain is built for the demands of IoT.

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