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Janrain for Mobile

With more than half of time spent online happening via mobile devices, customers are interacting with your brand from multiple devices more than ever. But traditional ways of recognizing consumers via browser cookies aren’t effective as people switch between devices, leaving many companies with a fragmented view of their customers.

Janrain’s software-as-a-service platform makes it easy for companies to truly know their customers across all devices and personalize every interaction. By powering registration, authentication and social login across desktop and mobile websites as well as mobile apps, Janrain enables you to create connected experiences and build a unified view of your customers no matter which device they use to interact with you.


Create a Unified View of Your Customer

Increase customer acquisition rates, know your customers across all devices and tie their behaviors back to a single person by making it easy for your website, mobile site and mobile app visitors to create an account and log in.

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Marketing Continuity Across Devices

People expect a consistent experience when interacting with your brand, regardless of which device they use. Janrain’s unified registration and login solution helps you recognize each and every customer across all digital touch points, so you can create a more connected experience and better engage your customers in a multi-device world.

Key Capabilities

Make Registration Easy with Social Login

Eliminate frustrations with filling out long forms and registering on mobile devices. With social login, your customers can simply click a button to sign in using their existing identities from networks such as Facebook, Google and Twitter. Use social network credentials stored on the device to accelerate the social login permission process for your customers.

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Comprehensive Registration for Mobile Apps

Fully integrate a consistent registration experience across all desktop web, mobile web and mobile applications. Native SDKs for mobile apps include support for social login, forms and workflows to support traditional registration, email confirmation and password reset flows, pages for your customers to manage their profile, and much more.

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Responsive Design for Mobile Web Browsers

Improve registration conversion by making your account creation and login experience responsive to mobile and tablet devices. Deploy registration forms, profile pages, and social login buttons that automatically resize based on different device orientations, screen sizes, and resolutions.

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