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Janrain Technical Training and Certification

janrain technical training and certification

Janrain offers strategic partners very robust and highly interactive training workshops which can be delivered onsite at Janrain’s Training Center, at the partner’s site, or via live instructor-led webinars. Through a sequence of courses, certifications and entry points, Janrain will prepare partners with the proficiency and expertise needed on Janrain solutions and deployment services in order to meet the same standards that clients know and trust from Janrain.


Learn the core platform technologies and capabilities of the Janrain solution, and prepare teams for Janrain deployments and integrations.

Janrain Technology Fundamentals

  • Platform and technology overview
  • Social Login and Registration

Janrain Implementations and Integrations

  • Widget and API Deep Dive
  • Events and Webhooks
  • SSO

Janrain Registration APIs and Flows

  • Registration APIs and Flows
  • Configuration API overview

Janrain Deployments

  • Deployment overview
  • Best Practices
  • Case Studies


Learn the tools and best practices for supporting and troubleshooting Janrain deployments. Janrain Support Tools and Guidelines

  • System Overview
  • Tools and Environment Setup
  • Expectations and Guidelines

Janrain Support Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting Overview
  • Customer Care Portal
  • Support Workshop

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