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2018 Brand Trust Survey

Janrain 2018 Consumer Brand Trust Survey

Janrain Survey Shows Consumers Trust Amazon, Online Retailers with Personal Data

Janrain surveyed over 1,000 consumers in the United States to find out which brands they trust the most. The results show nearly half will try to only buy from brands they believe will protect their data. The survey contains good news for online retailers, showing U.S. consumers generally trust online retailers with their personal data.

With this year’s Cyber Monday just around the corner, Janrain surveyed over 1,000 U.S. consumers and found 48% will try to only buy from companies they believe will protect their personal data, though they don’t fully trust all of the brands they conduct business with. A third of consumers said they will only buy from companies they can trust will protect their data. 14% said trust won’t factor into their purchases, because they don’t believe any company can protect their personal data.

48 percent of US consumers try to only buy from companies they trust

Ranking America's Least Trusted Businesses

When Janrain asked consumers to name the types of businesses they trusted least, online retailers appeared near the bottom of the list among other more trusted organizations. The full list of businesses consumers consider the least trustworthy in terms of data protection are ranked as follows:

31% of US consumers ranked internet companies such as Google and Facebook as least trustworthy

Which brands are most trusted?

The survey also asked consumers to name the brands that are most trusted, and least trusted when it comes to protecting their personal data. Complete the form to get the full survey results to see which companies US consumers trust the most, and which the least. 


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