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Customer Authentication Best Practices

Customer authentication best practices help you avoid identity pitfalls

This report is no longer available. We suggest instead "The Future of Identity and Access Management" - a Q4 2018 report from Forrester Research, now available courtesy of Janrain.

Digital businesses must manage, govern, and secure customers' access to systems without hurting the customer experience. As firms increase the digital channels for customer interaction, they also increase the number of potentially confusing consumer authentication experiences. As a result, they're hemorrhaging customers and suffering increased support costs related to password and authentication. 

This 2018 Forrester Research report outlines 10 barriers to authentication success — and how brands can improve online security without sacrificing experience.

Why it’s important:

  • Ongoing large-scale data breaches are eroding customer confidence.
  • Weak security exposes your customers and systems to attack by malicious actors.
  • Failing to protect your customers and their data puts your brand, your business and your job in jeopardy.

What you'll learn:

  • Ten common customer authentication pitfalls that increase your exposure to risk.
  • What you can do about them - including specific guidelines and best practices to ensure your customer authentication methods are safe and secure.