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E-book: The Future of Digital Engagement in an Age of Compliance

Industry Research - Digital Engagement and Compliance - EMEA

Insights from enterprise customer data leaders in Europe

In recent years consumer concern about the privacy and security of their personal data has increased dramatically. And while consumers become more cautious, brands in turn are conversely keener than ever to gather and harness the value of customer data. Add in legislation like GDPR and brands are facing a major challenge in how best to use and manage customer data in a way that doesn’t hamstring loyalty programs or fall foul of customer expectations or compliance standards. 

To find out how European enterprise customer data leaders are tackling this complex problem, conducted more than 50 interviews on behalf of Janrain, the findings of which are distilled into this e-book. 

In this e-book you'll learn:

  • How large organizations leverage data privacy to build trust
  • Principles of privacy businesses must adhere to
  • The value of centralized identity data 

Download your complimentary copy of this e-book for insights into how your peers and competitors are approaching the challenge of digital engagement in an age of compliance.

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