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CIAM: To Build Or Not To Build?

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When deciding whether to build or buy a Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platform, it’s important to consider the pros and cons to both approaches. Building a platform allows full control of a system, but it takes nearly nine times the amount of days to implement, much more time to maintain and doesn’t offer the same security as a third-party vendor.

CIAM solutions are complex, so building in-house requires a lot of time and resources to get it right. On average, it takes a company 953 days to build and implement their own solution. Compare that with Janrain’s CIAM platform that only takes 100 total days to get to market.

Janrain has a 99.95 percent service level agreement (SLA) guarantee and we are a TRUSTe certified company. The security measures are available for all of our clients, ensuring they don’t have to worry or spend time implementing their own security measures. If you choose to build your own solution, maintaining and updating security will require time, money and bodies that could be working on other projects.

By buying a CIAM platform, you gain access to continuous innovation in product capabilities, dedicated teams assuring privacy and security, minimal up-front capital expenditures and an overall reduction in operational costs.

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CIAM: To Build or Not to Build