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Infographic: The Hard Truth – You’re Losing Your Online Customers

I have a good friend, a happily married Jewish guy in his late 40’s who frequently posts updates to Facebook. He finds it amusing that he is constantly shown ads for the Christian Mingle dating service when he updates his status. At one level, I also think it’s a bit funny.

But I also see it as a gigantic wake up call to all of us in digital marketing. The fact is, consumers are increasingly finding this sort of thing more annoying than amusing. And they’re beginning to take action. We’ve sponsored a number of different research projects that each keep coming back with similar – and a bit terrifying – results:

  • 98% of consumers say they’ve been mistargeted
  • 74% are frustrated by this situation
  • More than half will leave a site/unsubscribe from email, abandon a brand after just TWO mistargeted communications
  • For instance 67% would leave a site is asked for donations to a political party they dislike the most
  • Or 57% leave if married and shown ads for a dating service (apparently my friend – for now – is in the 43%)

We recently released this infographic highlighting some of this research. The data is clear, and getting more compelling by the day: Personalize your customer interactions, or risk being left behind.

You’re Losing Your Online Customers