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Hager IoT Presentation

How Hager is Leveraging Identity to Transform to an IoT Subscription Service

One of the biggest trends for the next 30 years is the Internet of Things (IoT) with as many as 25 billion IoT devices predicted to be in use by 2020. Customers will begin to move seamlessly and safely between web and mobile properties, in-person interactions, and connected devices. Their digital identity will become the most valuable thing they own as it’s their key to this personally connected world.

Brands will need to continue to adjust to keep up with consumer connectivity and the new possibilities for merging of the digital and physical worlds. The companies that use customer identity data to enhance and personalize the customer journey safely and securely will be the ones to earn their trust and loyalty.

Join this session to learn how Hager is transforming their traditional hardware business to create a new IoT subscription service offering and explore the technical, business, and customer experience considerations for this business model.