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2014 EU Consumer Research: Perceptions of Social Login and Personalisation

As if marketing weren’t already complex enough, consumer preferences and behaviors vary between geographies, and understanding those differences is critical for creating digital strategies that resonate. Our latest report from Blue Research explores how consumers in the UK, France and Germany perceive social login and marketing personalisation, and if any part of your target audience is located in the EU, you should know that consumer fatigue with irrelevant messages knows no geographic boundaries:

  • 66% of consumers in the UK, France and Germany admit to intentionally providing misinformation when creating a new account or registering online for the first time
  • 9 out of 10 consumers have encountered social login, and 67% see companies who use it as being more up-to-date and innovative
  • 53% of users report unsubscribing from email after being mistargeted by a brand

Watch to learn more about how companies looking to win in major European markets can improve digital experiences by better understanding consumer perceptions of marketing personalisation, social login, and the dangers of mistargeted communications.

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