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Best Practices for Social Content Curation

On-Demand Webinar featuring Rahul Aggarwal, GM, Customer Engagement Business Unit at Janrain

Brands across all major industries are looking to bring online social conversations back to their own digital properties. Leveraging a social content curation solution can help extract the most relevant and highest quality content from these conversations and bring it back to your site allowing you to realize your business objectives to include increased page views and time spent on-site, as well as brand loyalty and monetization opportunities.

Watch our on-demand webinar where Rahul Aggarwal, General Manager of Customer Engagement at Janrain delved into the best practices for creating a social content curation strategy, followed a discussion addressing viewers questions on social content curation technology and implementation.

Webinar topics will include:

  • What is the industry-wide problem?
  • How do we solve the problem using social content curation?
  • What are the key business benefits?
  • What are the limitations of most social content curation technologies?
  • What is included in an ideal technology toolset?

Watch this webinar