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Building Personalized Engagement to Transform the Customer Journey

Traditional, one-way communication from brand to customer defining the customer journey has been replaced with a conversation and relationship between brand and customer built on experience, service, value, and loyalty. To nurture the relationship and capitalize on positive UX, marketers must consolidate the touch points of the journey to create accurate, multifaceted customer identities or the run the risk of losing the immediate sale and longer term influencer advocacy. Once you understand who your customers are, you can meet them where they are, and provide personal and meaningful interactions that keep the journey moving.

In this webinar, marketing experts will discuss:

  • 5 questions to ask yourself about your brand’s current customer data
  • How to identity gaps between channels and devices
  • Best practices to optimize continuity across touch points when customer personalization is the expectation
  • How to build personalized engagement based on complex customer identities

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