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Digital Transformation for Consumer Brands

How the world’s leading beverage provider created a flexible platform to quickly spin-up new and customized digital experiences

We’re now in an era of digital marketing where brands have the opportunity to cultivate direct relationships with their consumers. Not just groups defined by demographics, but individual members. They key is using richer customer data in more nuanced ways.

Join featured guest, Bruno Guicardi, President of CI&T and Marla Hay, Director of Product at Janrain for a deep-dive into digital transformation in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry.

In this webinar Bruno and Marla will discuss:

  • Current trends and challenges for the Consumer Packaged Goods industry
  • The 3 pillars for a successful digital consumer strategy:
    • Big and Small Data
    • Personalization and Omnichannel
    • Loyalty and Trust
  • How to implement a flexible platform that enables brands to rapidly build new customer experiences with a wide range of capabilities to customize their digital presences through one global platform

About CI&T

CI&T is a global digital technology agency empowering digital innovation in the world’s leading brands.

About Janrain

Janrain’s customer identity and access management platform helps brands simplify and secure their customers’ experiences.

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