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Does your company’s consumer bill of rights measure up?

janrain consumer bill of rights

Using consumer data in a consumer-first privacy climate

In today’s consumer-first privacy climate, B2C marketers must innovate their consumer data policies or risk failure. Watch our live, 1-hour webinar, featuring Forrester Analyst Fatemeh Khatibloo with Janrain VP of Marketing Bryta Schulz, to learn the state of consumer trust and its implications for your brand, how to properly use consumer data, and what your company’s consumer bill of rights should look like.

Referencing the recently published Forrester Report: Right Your Privacy Ship Before It Capsizes, we discuss:

  • The current climate of consumer trust and its impact on your brand.
  • How to properly cultivate and use first-party data, and what to do with second- and third-party data.
  • The guardrails needed to prevent data use beyond privacy policies.
  • Best practices to develop a consumer-first privacy policy that can benefit your bottom line.
  • What your company’s consumer bill of rights should look like.

Download the slides here.


 Fatemeh Khatibloo
 Fatemeh Khatibloo

Fatemeh Khatibloo

Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

 Bryta Schulz
 Bryta Schulz

Bryta Schulz

VP of Marketing, Janrain

Watch the webinar