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Evolve Your Identity Strategy for Digital Transformation

Analyst insights to deliver an identity management strategy that advances digital transformation

According to Forrester Research’s new report, Evolve Your IAM Strategy For Your Digital Business, homegrown, manual identity and access management (IAM) systems are no longer sufficient for digital businesses. Trends in customer experience, cloud-based services, regulation compliance and security are among many factors driving businesses toward a more comprehensive IAM strategy. This is a significant shift from IAM’s original purpose, which focused primarily on employee access and compliance objectives.

Learn how to make your IAM strategy central to your business objectives in this on-demand webinar, featuring co-author of the above-referenced report, Forrester Principal Analyst Merritt Maxim.

Insights you’ll learn:

  • 6 tips to build an IAM strategy for your digital business
  • Key factors driving this shift in IAM strategy
  • Value proposition to sell internal stakeholders on this new IAM strategy
  • How leading brands are implementing modern customer IAM strategies


 Merritt Maxim
 Merritt Maxim

Merritt Maxim

Principal Analyst, Forrester - Read Bio

 Todd Etchieson
 Todd Etchieson

Todd Etchieson

Janrain VP of Product

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