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Four Ways to Use Registration For Deeper Customer Relationships hosted by Digiday

Marketers have data points flying at them from all angles. This isn’t a bad thing— it means they can now know more about their customers and use that information to deliver more individualized experiences and offerings. A key step in the deepening of this relationship is registration — but do you have the value proposition and trust to have someone register with you before ever making a purchase?

In this webinar, sponsored by Janrain, Altimeter CEO & Principal Analyst Charlene Li will examine how understanding your customer’s path to registration could be one of the most powerful metrics to use in your marketing efforts.

You’ll learn:

Why is the path to registration a powerful marketing metric?
How do leading marketers use path to registration data to make key decisions?
How strong is your value proposition in deepening trust and moving customers along the path to registration?
How robust are your analytics in deriving insights and taking actions that will drive customers to registration?

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