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GDPR Part 4: The intersection of compliance and customer satisfaction

In the age of the customer and data hacks a brand’s reputation can come down to their ability to protect customer data. The transparency that will develop between brand and consumer with the upcoming GDPR will provide organizations with an opportunity to empower and build trust with their customer. Armed with a unified and single view of the customer, brands will be able to truly personalize the customer journey while maintaining compliance and securing customer data.

Hear from Lewis Barr, General Counsel and VP, Privacy at Janrain as he discusses how to turn the GDPR into business opportunity while focusing on the following topics:

  • Heightened consent requirements and consent lifecycle management
  • Expanded privacy notice requirements
  • Data subject access rights (SARs) and fulfillment requirements
  • Business exposure and liability for failing to meet these GDPR requirements
  • Practical next steps to achieve operational readiness

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