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Identity is the Heart of Digital Health

Identity is the heart of digital health

Learn identity management best practices for pharma and healthcare

Janrain CEO Jim Kaskade with special guest Sheetal J. Chawla, VP, Head of Digital and Strategy at Capgemini, discussed the digital evolution of pharma companies, HCPs and patients, and best practices to manage digital identities while maintaining high privacy and security standards. They covered trends in customer experience and technology driving new business models, such as direct-to-consumer pharmaceuticals, connected healthcare and digital therapeutics.

In this 1 hour, on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • What the future of digital identity and healthcare looks like
  • How leading pharma companies streamlined resource delivery to HCPs with identity management
  • Strategies to implement a global customer identity solution across brands and channels


 Jim Kaskade
 Jim Kaskade

Jim Kaskade


 Sheetal J. Chawla
 Sheetal J. Chawla

Sheetal J. Chawla

Vice President - Head of Digital and Strategy

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