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Identity as a Platform for CX

Speakers: Brian Solis, Principal Analyst at Altimeter and Jamie Beckland, VP of Product at Janrain Customers don’t see departments, they see one brand. Yet, when they go through your customer journey, they’re reminded that they are just another cog in a transactional machine. Touchpoints don’t connect seamlessly, they have to switch devices to complete transactions, and in many cases, their identity doesn’t follow along throughout their lifecycle. Different groups have to reestablish identity in different phases of customer engagement, from marketing to sales to service to loyalty. Customers feel this. They don’t appreciate it. They literally ask why different aspects of the company can’t connect the dots.

Identity management helps companies truly know their customers and personalize engagement in each moment of truth.

Brian Solis is a leading digital analyst, author and someone who believes that the most important pillar in the future of business is experience. And, experience is measured not by any one transaction, but the sum of all engagements. That means, we have to “connect the dots.” In this special webinar with Janrain, Brian will share his perspective of how businesses need to re-imagine the customer journey to deliver a unified experience where identity becomes the ties that bind.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How the customer has changed to expect identity management in relationships
  • The new customer journey and how it is ripe for innovation
  • How identity plays a role in each moment of truth
  • Ways to start small and integrate over time

Watch this webinar