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The Identity of Things 2018

The Identity of Things Webinar 2018

New strategies for connecting professionals, consumers and their devices seamlessly and safely

Applications for smart devices are burgeoning - from connected homes, to smart patient monitoring, security devices, to connected pet products - and with that growth comes new challenges for companies whose business models involve professionals as well as consumers. Over its lifetime a single smart home device may need to be securely accessed by the manufacturer, the installer, the initial purchaser, their family, repairmen, and future residents of the home. A seamless and secure approach to identifying, authenticating and managing users is an essential part of creating a market-leading customer experience.

In this webinar, Jim Kaskade, CEO of Janrain, and Carlo Schupp, Co-Owner of miaa Guard, will discuss innovative approaches that leading brands are using to manage the relationships between products, professionals and consumers in the world of IoT.

You’ll learn:

  • Some of the most powerful consumer IoT case studies from leaders
    • Consumer IoT for your pets
    • Connected Home with over the top TV
    • Security with connected security cameras and smoke alarms
    • Health with connected care
  • How to unscramble B2B2C for IoT
  • Where old-school IAM and CIAM solutions fall short
  • Methods for scaling B2B with market-leading B2C customer registration experiences
  • The importance of device relationship mapping
  • Strategies for delegating access rights – from private groups to access tokens
  • Essential steps for security
  • How partnering with the right providers can speed your time to market


 miaa Guard
 miaa Guard

miaa Guard

Carlo Schupp
Chairman & Co-owner

 Jim Kaskade
 Jim Kaskade

Jim Kaskade

CEO Janrain

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