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Just Say Know: Using Multiple Data Sources to Create Useful Content

People want useful, relevant, personal and nuanced experiences online. Delivering them requires a deep understanding of your audience, far beyond standard demographics and transcending any individual transaction.

76% of people are willing to share their data with companies with whom they have a relationship. This means the information you need to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time is available to you now. Learn how to collect and utilize it from NY Times best-selling author Jay Baer.

In this webinar, Jay Baer will:

  • Reveal multiple data sources and tools available to better understand your audience
  • Share real-world examples from brands currently delivering useful content that delights
  • Explain the role of social data in building better relationships with your customers

This webinar was such a hit that we asked Jay Baer and Jamie Beckland to follow up with more tips and answers to some of the top questions that were generated.

Watch this webinar