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The Mechanics of Identity Resolution

Identity resolution is a critical piece of customer journey analytics. To fully understand and map customer journeys, enterprises must understand a customer’s activities while they are still anonymous — before they fill out a form, make a purchase, subscribe to a newsletter or otherwise make themselves known. The process by which an enterprise can collect this data (via cookies) seems simple, but cookie tracking has confounding errors compared to more sophisticated methods. Implementing best practices in data collection and management will lead to higher quality data, improved customer experience with brand trust, and rich, actionable business intelligence.

Drawing from his professional motorcycle racing experience, Janrain Solutions Architect Sherwick Min will characterize the vast influence of data — from the race track, where a driver’s safety depends on accurate, precise data to make life or death decisions, to large enterprises, where effective business intelligence can help millions of people. Accompanied by Suzanne Balter, Janrain’s Director of Demand Generation, Sherwick will dive into the challenges and mechanics of identity resolution, describe the tools involved, discuss the importance of data & analytics and illustrate its strategic business impact through real-life case studies from world-renowned brands.

We’ll cover:

  • Identity resolution and its impact on customer journey analytics
  • Identity resolution in action - see a customer journey analytics dashboard
  • How B2C enterprises use identity resolution to map customer journeys


 Sherwick Min
 Sherwick Min

Sherwick Min

Solutions Architect

Photo credit: Steve Midgely Photography

 Suzanne Balter
 Suzanne Balter

Suzanne Balter

Director, Demand Generation

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