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Mobile is the New Black

We don’t have to tell you that mobile is important. It’s here, it’s big, and it’s growing into the preferred way for people to connect not only with one another and the world around them, but with brands as well. Global mobile data traffic grew 81% in 2013, and the total number of mobile devices grew to 7 billion—or the equivalent of about one connected device for every human being on the planet. When nearly 40% of consumer time spent online is spent on a mobile screen, why is it that brands still struggle to capitalize on that traffic?

Conversion rates are still too low, because—let’s face it—mobile experiences are pretty terrible. Most e-Commerce sites can only manage to get 1-3% of mobile visitors through the funnel, and when 90% of consumers switch between devices in order to complete a transaction, tracking potential customers across devices is imperative to closing that gap.

Mobile isn’t a trend—it’s the new standard. Join us to learn why logged in users are more valuable, and how an optimized mobile experience can boost your conversions. We’ll deep dive into the best practices for mobile login and registration, including:

  • Mobile SSO with on-device identity
  • Recommended session lengths
  • UI / UX checklists
  • Registration SDKs for iOS and Android

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