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Reinvent Yourself as a Digital Insurer

Reinvent yourself as a digital insurer

Reinvent yourself as a Digital Insurer - With new strategies for identity management

Digital has shifted the balance of power from insurer to customer. As consumers play bigger roles in the data economy, their expectations for personalized omnichannel experiences are rising - along with access to new types of insurance data from their smart home devices and connected vehicles. Smart digital insurers will take advantage of customers’ demand for omnichannel experiences and collect richer data while remaining transparent, letting customers see — and change — what’s known about them. The result? Insurers gain data and insights to create trusting relationships with customers, leading to greater loyalty--and sales. To deliver on that vision, insurance companies are turning to customer identity and access management software to provide consumers with seamless and secure access to the new world of digital insurance.

Watch this on-demand webinar, featuring Janrain CEO Jim Kaskade with Forrester Analyst Ellen Carney, to learn:

  • How digital is disrupting the insurance industry
  • Why customer identity is at the heart of digital transformation
  • Why this new digital landscape is challenging for IT and security
  • How a well-architected customer identity and access management solution can help bridge the digital divide and deliver a seamless and secure omnichannel experience for your customers

Download the slide deck here.


 Jim Kaskade
 Jim Kaskade

Jim Kaskade

 Ellen Carney
 Ellen Carney

Ellen Carney

Watch this webinar