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The True Value of Customer Loyalty Programs

The True Value of Customer Loyalty Programs Webinar

Best practices to ensure your program isn’t just about points and discounts

Loyalty programs are used by leading brands to activate customers, deepen relationships and derive invaluable insights. The key to a successful loyalty program is creating a meaningful exchange with customers that helps you identify and track your loyalists while making them feel recognized, acknowledged, and of course, rewarded. To do this, you must maintain omnichannel identity records to understand who interacts with your brand, what offers or brand messages resonate most, when they redeem an offer and at what frequency, where do they engage - online, in store or both - and why they are a loyalty member...what drives your relationship with your consumer?

Watch this webinar featuring Forrester Analyst Emily Collins who discusss how to improve your brand’s customer engagement, share of wallet, and customer advocacy through your loyalty program. Janrain’s Suzanne Balter discusses the importance of an air-tight and scalable identity management solution as your loyalty program backbone and shares case studies from industry leaders.

In this 1-hour webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The 5 must-haves for your customer loyalty program
  • How to incentivize behavior and collect valuable customer data
  • What you can do with loyalty program data. For example: create a super-sample of your best customers!
  • Considerations to properly collect, store and manage customer data

Download the slides here.


 Emily Collins
 Emily Collins

Emily Collins

Forrester Sr. Analyst - Read Bio

 Suzanne Balter
 Suzanne Balter

Suzanne Balter

Janrain, Director, Demand Generation - Read Bio

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