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WEBINAR: Best Practices in Customer Preference Management

Learn how to implement preference management that benefits your customers and your marketing team…and complies with GDPR

In today’s identity landscape, marketers are challenged to create targeted campaigns that inspire action, customers demand control of their online identities and data sharing, and governments have announced rules for consumer privacy and data management, such as GDPR in Europe. Is your company prepared to operate successfully in this complex ecosystem of customer preference management?

Join our complimentary webinar to learn how to implement preference management systems that allow marketers to create compelling campaigns, customers to control their data, and organizations to comply with privacy regulations.

Kathleen Kent is a Technical Consultant on Janrain’s Professional Services team. An expert in helping brands adopt successful preference management systems, she will walk through some of the best practices in preference management used by industry leaders, while Greg Griffiths, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Janrain, will contextualize the current CIAM landscape and discuss how to leverage preference management as a marketer.

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