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Why You NEED the Inside Out Approach to Web Analytics

Traditional Web analytics provide you with a lot of averages. What pages are people visiting, on average? How long do they stay, on average? Which channels convert the best, on average?

But if you only pay attention to averages, you’ll never be more than an average marketer.

Smart marketers are turning to Inside Out Web Analytics, where you look at each unique customer journey and then determine the relevant commonalities between them.

This gives you the ability to go way beyond the old, outdated method of understanding visitors’ often unique (and unpredictable) behaviors. With Inside Out analytics, you can pull deep insights from individual customer journeys by filtering the identities of the customer base into meaningful distinctions.

For example: What is the path to purchase for 35 year-old women from the Midwest? Is it the same or different than the path for 22 year-old men from the South?

Join Jamie Beckland from Janrain and New York Times best-selling marketing author Jay Baer on a rollicking ride through the hills and valleys of Inside Out analytics, including relevant case studies, hype-free recommendations, and a minimum of three humorous (and possibly true) anecdotes!

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