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CIAM vs. IAM - How Customer IAM Differs from Traditional IAM

CIAM vs. IAM white paper illustration - 2 customers access data on phones - how customer IAM differs from traditional IAM

When to use IAM, when to use CIAM

It is a common misconception that the technology required for customer identity and access management (CIAM) is basically the same as that for traditional identity management, often also referred to as enterprise IAM, employee IAM, workforce IAM, or just IAM.   

However, the differences between workforce IAM and customer IAM are significant. 

The factors that make traditional IAM so successful in managing employee identity and access - known users, a captive audience, a controlled environment and limited scale - become problematic when applied to managing millions of customers who may register themselves, have a low tolerance for frustration, and will abandon your company for a competitor if they are not satisfied. 

In this white paper you’ll learn the major differences between traditional IAM and CIAM, and where each solution works best. Complete the form to download your copy now. 

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