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Know and Engage Customers Better to Build More Valuable Relationships

Research from Altimeter Group

Digital marketing continues to get more complex everyday. Search, social media and mobile devices have empowered consumers and fragmented the customer journey. Companies are trying to gather as much information as possible about their customers, yet they often understand and engage them in the context of their transaction, rarely as individuals.

In an Altimeter report, analyst Andrew Jones identifies how social media has played a major role in empowering consumers and how you can leverage social media to gain customer insights. Download “Leveraging Social Identity: Know and Engage Customers Better to Build More Valuable Relationships” to learn:

  • How to gain better customer insight throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • How those insights can increase key metrics across channels, like email open rates, click-throughs and downloads.
  • How to capture relevant data and to integrate it with existing databases like your ESP, marketing Automation and CRM.

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