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Marketing’s New Imperative: Customer Identity Management

Marketing’s New Imperative: Customer Identity Management

New Research from Altimeter Group

Today’s digital marketing landscape is always changing—and it shows no signs of slowing down. Consumer cross-device usage is at an all-time high, and new digital channels are introduced everyday. As your customers adapt to a multi-screen world, your marketing strategy must also evolve to meet new demands and expectations.

In the latest research from Altimeter Group analyst Andrew Jones, some of the world’s most innovative companies share why identity is the foundation of their customer engagement strategies, and provide insight into how knowing their customers enables them to deliver truly connected marketing experiences. Download “Marketing’s New Imperative: Customer Identity Management,” to also learn:

  • What a fragmented customer journey means for unified customer data
  • The long-term and short-term benefits of customer identity management
  • How to maximize the ROI of your marketing technology investments

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