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Sample RFP for Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) Platforms

Enterprise buyers review CIAM Sample RFP with selection criteria for evaluating customer identity and access management

What selection criteria should you use when evaluating CIAM solutions?

As the creator of the customer identity and access management category, and the first choice of global enterprises for mission-critical CIAM needs, Janrain responds to hundreds of RFP requests each year.  We've combed through our database to identify the most common questions that appear on CIAM RFPs, as well as the less-common, more insightful questions that particularly savvy CIAM buyers ask. 

Our list of sample selection criteria includes more than 150 questions that many enterprise clients use when comparing different CIAM solutions and vendors. Use it as a handy starting point when working with your teams and stakeholders to identify the specific requirements of your organization.  



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