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Scaling Identity Management for Customer Loyalty Program Success

Industry-leading customer loyalty programs need enterprise customer identity and access management

Customer loyalty and rewards programs and other membership initiatives are all about customer identity. To transform and expand your customer membership program and win consumer loyalty and trust, your company must understand who your members are – and then deliver the personalized, friction-free, omnichannel customer experiences that will keep savvy consumers engaged, loyal, and coming back for more. 

In this white paper we explore the identity management challenges typically faced by brands attempting to scale their customer loyalty programs and present solutions based on real-world case studies from four industries.

Learn how:

  • One major international airline transformed its digital business strategy with an innovative data-led loyalty program based on a solid identity framework.
  • A leading organic grocery store created new omnichannel user experiences that resonated with their customers and drove brand loyalty.
  • One of the world’s largest energy companies eliminated data silos and disjointed user experiences to create a unified loyalty program with regional variations.
  • A global beverage brand connected directly with consumers, and updated their customer loyalty program for GDPR compliance.

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