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Service Definition: Technical Account Manager


The Technical Account Manager (TAM) serves as the main technical and operational contact for Janrain customers. The TAM is responsible for ensuring that the customer implements Janrain in accordance with best practices.

TAM services can be purchased for 6 or 12 month periods at a minimum of 10 hours per month. Hours can be purchased in 5 hour increments. At 30 hours per month or more, TAM engagements will include a 1-day onsite workshop every 6 months and an assigned Project Manager (PM) to assist with work prioritization and coordination with the customer.

Below is a summary of offerings included at each service level:

  10-25 Hours per Month 30+ Hours per Month
4-Hour Response SLO
Weekly Status Call
Quarterly Planning Meeting
Monthly Hours Report
On-Site (every 6 months)   ✓  Pass through T&E will be billed as additional charges.
Project Manager  

TAM Service Kick-OffThe TAM service will be renewed automatically by Janrain. If the customer wishes to terminate TAM service at the end of a contract, there will be a 45 day grace period where the customer can provide written notice of their wish to end the TAM service.

TAM services may be started at the beginning of a new deployment or at any other mutually agreed upon point during the customer’s license term. In cases where TAM services begin after the customer’s first project is completed, Janrain will coordinate internally to ensure that the assigned TAM has a detailed understanding of the customer’s configuration, use-cases, and solution design.

TAM services will kick off with an initial project meeting to review scope and SLAs, meet the customer’s team members, and discuss project dates and any other pertinent information. The TAM (or PM, if included in the service level) will also schedule a weekly status call for the duration of the TAM contract, as well as a quarterly planning and retrospective meeting.

TAM SLOs and Operations

Once a TAM engagement is in place, the TAM will primarily communicate with the customer through the Janrain Support Portal. Requests for services should be submitted through the portal rather than over email to ensure that SLOs are met.

The customer may choose to have all deployment tickets routed to the TAM or choose on a per-ticket basis whether tickets are assigned to the TAM. This option is configured in the Janrain Support Portal by Janrain and can be updated at any time.

TAM Service Level Objective (SLO)

The TAM SLOs apply to deployment support requests submitted to the TAM, not production support or development support included in the Gold and Platinum support levels.

  • New deployment support requests: Four (4) business hour initial response time during Janrain business hours (8:00am – 5:00pm PT or GMT depending on the location of the customer’s assigned TAM).
    • Applies only to tickets submitted through the Janrain Support Portal.
    • SLOs will not apply after a customer has reached their maximum number of hours per month as support is then provided on a “best effort” level.
  • On-site meeting requests: Minimum three (3) business weeks notification for domestic travel. Minimum four (4) business weeks notification for international travel.
  • Remote meeting requests: Minimum two (2) business days notification.
  • Starting TAM service: Minimum two (2) business weeks after contract signature.

In Scope Activities

All work done for the client, or on the client’s behalf, will be considered billable. Examples include:

  • Configuration of the Janrain platform
  • Triaging and resolving incoming Janrain Support Portal tickets
  • Providing consultation, strategy, and architectural support
  • Training on the Janrain platform
  • Reporting of monthly hours
  • Attending project meetings
  • Assisting with change orders
  • Proof of Concepts (POCs)
  • Tier-2 production support

Out of Scope Activities

Writing, reviewing, or troubleshooting customer code and deployment of Janrain services that require additional resources to complete may be considered out of scope activities for a TAM. If additional Janrain resources are required, the TAM may be responsible for scoping and scheduling the requested work through a change order.

TAM Availability and Reporting

A TAM engagement will be primarily managed by a single named resource, but a customer may be supported by a larger team lead by the assigned TAM. Additional resources from the Janrain Professional Services team may complete in-scope activities as directed by the TAM. In the event that the named TAM is not available for a period of time, another team member will provide backup support.

Janrain will provide reporting for the hours used on a monthly basis.

From time to time a customer may find that they need some additional support hours to meet a project deadline or troubleshoot an unexpected issue. Additional hours are not guaranteed and will be provided on a “best effort” level based on the availability of Janrain resources.

The hours used each month will be totaled at the end of the contract. Actual invoicing will occur upon TAM contract renewal or at the end of the contract if TAM renewal doesn’t occur. Any unused hours may be rolled into the TAM contract renewal or scheduled for future use based on the availability of Janrain resources.