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Janrain respects your privacy and will treat the personal data you choose to share with us in accordance with our privacy policy.

Janrain's portfolio of Professional Services helps our customers rapidly realize ROI, drawing from over 15 years of experience aiding leading brands with configuring their CIAM solution to meet their specific business goals. From initial strategy development to custom CIAM implementation to optimization and advisory services, our Professional Services team is there to assist each step of the way.

100% guaranteed.

Janrain Professional Services team is committed to being 100% on-budget and on-time.

Our portfolio of services

Identity strategy

Knowing what you can do - and what you want to do - with consumer identities is an important first step in gaining your return on investment. We work with your teams during an on-site workshop, helping you define your identity strategy and build a roadmap. Our focus is helping your teams understand how they can leverage consumer identities to achieve business objectives.

Identity implementation

From assisting clients who have one digital property in a single geography to those who own multiple properties and apps distributed around the globe, our Professional Services have the experience needed to guide you along the shortest path to success. Every implementation is customized. For customers with complex requirements, we offer a methodology that covers roll-outs across multiple regions, data and application stacks and development approaches.

Identity optimization

Once your Janrain Identity Cloud is implemented, our Professional Services team is here to help you optimize your identity cloud registration and login flows, your identity data model, extension of identity management to the Internet of Things and other aspects of your identity services. We also provide services which are tailored specifically around the use of our sophisticated security and customer activation analytics.

Advisory services

Janrain’s advisory services are meant to focus on your business and maximizing business outcome. Our advisory service offerings include:

Precision Marketing Roadmap

  • Baseline identification of marketing technologies and integrations
  • Alignment with client’s marketing roadmap and personalization strategy

Customer Journey Mapping & Analysis

  • Evaluation of customer journeys, including maps of each channel and touchpoint
  • Recommendations for realizing your desired customer journey

Customer Identity Maturity Analysis

  • Series of working sessions across groups and comprehensive best practice recommendation report
  • Evaluation of data silos, risk exposure and actionability of profile data

Marketing Technology Architecture and Optimization

  • In-depth review of marketing stack with a customer-centric view
  • Recommendations for improving your marketing stack’s performance

GDPR Primer and Readiness Healthcheck

  • General Data Protection Regulation workshop
  • Implementation of best practice for managing and securing customer data

EIAM + CIAM Integration

  • Bridge your in-house IAM solution and connect CIAM & EIAM identity stores
  • Human-centric RBAC and ABAC policy design focused on risk, compliance, assurance and access-based policy

Consent Mapping and Design

  • Evaluate current terms of services across digital touchpoints
  • Design consent maps across purpose, attribute groups and consent types

Identity Governance and Design

  • Plan identity governance design, including trust frameworks
  • Centralized or decentralized ID across brands, business units and markets

“It was great to see a tailored use case actually be listened to - that’s pretty unique. Janrain understood what we needed and helped us identify and implement the right solution.”

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