Consumer Goods

Business Challenge

Your customers think you’re the greatest, and have a long relationship with your brand. But you’ve never had a relationship with them as individuals. With all of the data you have about who they are and what they like stored in different places and systems, you can’t take meaningful action on it, much less on any new information coming in.

Our Solution Approach

Janrain allows you to build direct relationships through opt-in registration. We collect first-party data and third-party information from social login so you can better understand who your customers are. By connecting that customer data to your existing marketing platforms and integrating with the advertising technologies you rely on, we enable you to reach your customers anywhere they are on the Internet. All of that, plus the strongest data privacy and controls in the industry.

Featured Customers

How the Janrain Platform Helps Consumer Goods Brands

The Janrain platform builds unified customer identities at any scale, whether you sell to thousands of consumers, or billions. We provide a full view of your customers by allowing them to share their identity data with you directly.

  • Registration
    Collect opt-in data from your customers with all of the flexibility and control you need across the business. Brand marketers collect campaign-specific data; the CRM team gets demographic data; and the privacy team controls all of the language to ensure your marketing is compliant.

    Personalize forms through progressive profiling across multiple campaigns to build data points that can be used to create personalized, targeted experiences for your customers.

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  • Social Login
    Allow consumers Log in to your websites and mobile apps using a social network. Collect valuable data from social networks and other third-party identities to create more personalized experiences for your customers.  Learn More »
  • Profile Data Storage
    Store and manage customer profile data to deliver personalized marketing. Collect first-party data from registration forms, third-party data from social login, and additional data from data append services. Manage rights and encumbrances of different data assets, to use for personalization in different channels.  Learn More »
  • Customer Insights
    Create powerful visualizations of your customer data, and derive new meaning from demographic, psychographic and behavioral characteristics. Segment customers to enable personalized marketing experiences across devices and channels.  Learn More »
  • Data Integrations
    Integrate customer data across your entire marketing technology ecosystem to deliver continuous cross-channel experiences. Out-of-the-box integrations with the most popular activation platforms, like email service providers and CRM systems, make it easy.  Learn More »
  • Commenting
    Allow your users to more deeply engage with your content by participating in the conversation, create and collect rich behavioral data for additional customer insights, and build community on your owned digital properties.  Learn More »
  • Ratings and Reviews
    Drive community and sales by enabling your customers to rate and review your products. Build trust, grow demand, and engage retail partners to maximize impact.  Learn More »
  • Engagement Trends
    Display the popularity of your brand on major social channels through trend visualizations.  Learn More »
  • Engagement Streams
    Showcase the loyalty and brand advocacy of your customer community with commenting, image boards and other high-visibility applications across your digital properties.  Learn More »
  • Single Sign-On
    Manage identity across multiple websites and subdomains so you can personalize your customers' experience across all digital channels.  Learn More »
  • Customer Care Portal
    Integrate social data into your customer service call center for a truly personalized experience on the phone.  Learn More »
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